What we are all about!

Our Purpose

To become a Church in unity that is willing to actively love people in our community throughout their difficulties, guiding them toward Godly change without compromising Biblical truth. 

Vision Statement

Honor Encourage Impact

       God                  each other                community                   

HE + I = 

Our Vision Scripture is  Isaiah 61:1-3

Pastor Billy

Pastor Billy was raised on the west side of Springfield and grew up only a few blocks away from our church.  God has called him to Pastor his own people, the people he has a love for.  God called him to help them, to love them, not to judge them but to let God's Word do what it can do in their lives! He desires to help them learn to have a passion for God in their own lives. We are seeing God transform this area one person at a time!

806 N Forest Ave

Springfield, MO

65802, USA


(417) 831-6138

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